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Photo by  Susie Martinez , 2018.

Photo by Susie Martinez, 2018.

Hi! I’m Kelly.

I am a maker and a mover, an artist and a facilitator. I do inner work and outer work. I create art and mindfulness experiences that connect womxn to their innate creative potential. I hold space through retreats, classes, and one on one connections.

I believe that all people possess a natural ability to be creative, and that womxn especially — when given time, space, and permission to freely explore — can create wonders. I don’t think you need to be an artist, designer, or professional creative to explore this type of living, and believe that with an increased sense of connection to creativity, we can move through the world with increased presence with the world around us, that we can map our experiences and navigate the world with greater empathy, compassion, and clarity of purpose.

I believe that connecting with ourselves at our core is crucial for enacting large-scale, justice-oriented change. Through my work as artist, maker, mover, I provide space and time to empower womxn to find and use their unique creative voices for the purposes of shifting the creative landscape towards a more empathetic and equitable future.

I run retreats, facilitate classes, and created spaces to hold your reflections, stories, and dreams.

Workshops and Events
play, make, move.
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I teach paper marbling and bookbinding classes to serve as experiences to help unlock and guide creative potential.

Interested in corporate, private, or professional development experiences? Let’s chat. I’d love to craft an experience that fits the needs of your community.

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Odette Press
write, draw, reflect.
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I create lovingly-crafted paper goods because I believe that the more we write our stories craft our experiences, the more easily we can navigate our world and all of the peaks and valleys of our existence.

Each journal is marbled and sewn by hand, and each card reflects a meditation experience in a natural environment made while traveling alone across the country.

One on One
connect, create, explore.
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I work with you to craft a map back to your creative core whether for a month, a week, or a longer season.

Incorporating mindfulness, movement prompts, and playful acts of making, I hold space for you on your own creative journey how every you need. Connect and create from anywhere within the comfort of your home.

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