Custom: The Barcase Wedding Book

i spend a lot of time thinking about both book structure and purpose: to me, a book is a container, a book is a space for healing, a book is a space for stories.  a book is a place for the reflection of rituals and sacred exchanges, our big and small moments of awe and intrigue. 

the act of creativity, of creating a custom book, for me, is furthering of a kind of magic: we take an idea, a conversation, a vision and we make it into something tangible. we listen, we contemplate, and we make. 

in early 2017, brittni approached me about creating a custom guestbook for her wedding. she wanted an object that would serve as a space for remembering the magic of her special day, for holding polaroids and notes of care and encouragement from family and friends. knowing brittni's work as a dancer and a yoga instructor, i knew wanted to create a pattern that is as fluid and free as a dance, and combine it with the structure and support of a strong binding, evoking both the structure and support of a partnership, a marriage. together we chose a coptic stitch, leaving the knots of the binding exposed; a cool, gray cover with the bride and groom's names hand lettered and adhered in a recessed space; and end pages with hand marbled papers in grays, blues, and pinks. 

but for johnny and brittni, we expanded the joy of their wedding day even further: in addition to recreating johnny and brittni's coptic bound photo album as a christmas gift for her family, we also worked together to create a set of unique photo albums for wedding for other members of her family. brittni printed images of the wedding day and pasted them into the books to share with family and friends. 

they say it “takes a village” and whoever “they” are, they’re right. with that idea in mind, i wanted to keep my wedding and thank you gifts as extensions of my own heart which, to me, meant within arms reach away. i came to kelly, because I knew her work and thought it would be a perfect way to “keep it in the family” for my non-traditional, boho, rustic, laid-back wedding. she exceeded my expectations and made my love story into a book! if there ever were a fire I would 100% grab the guestbook (and my dogs). for christmas I wanted to offer a thank you gift to our parents for their support over the course of the year surrounding our wedding and honeymoon so I came back to kelly.  the love that goes into her books is felt as soon as you touch them and open them. it’s honestly hard to put into words what it means to me having kelly’s sprinkles of love intertwined into my first year of marriage. it just really takes a village.
— brittni barcase

.  .  .  .  .

thanks so much, brittni! for your own custom book, send me an email.