centered together: a daylong retreat


sunday, november 11, 2018


Patapsco valley state park

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our sense of self starts at our centers. sometimes, we are pulled away from the home within ourselves by forces that demand our attention: our jobs, our relationships, our households, those necessary everyday tasks.

we leave our bodies, our joys, and forget about who we are, what lights us up and excites us about life. we nourish the world around us, and yet we often forget to water the garden of ourselves.

I am a woman, an artist, a mapmaker, a mover, a space holder.

and women: I hear you. I see you. I know these forces well, the forces that spread your energy out in the world too thin.

with centered together I offer you a space for silence and play, a time to come home to the creativity and expansiveness that you already possess.

taking cues from artist residencies and yoga/meditation retreats, centered together is a daylong experience of building a map back to yourself, your home. a map back home to your center, a reminder that you already know the way.

.  .  .  .  .


what does the day look like?

in this daylong retreat we’ll explore:

  • movement through stretching, yoga, and walking meditation in nearby forested trails

  • stillness through carefully guided meditation and breath work

  • play and presence with nature through paper marbling

  • the benefits of writing and reflection through bookbinding and journaling

  • we’ll connect with ourselves and others through shared meals and discussions

we’ll bring each of these practices together to see how they each support the other, and how these practices support us in connecting to ourselves. we’ll connect to our own cores and expand out as we build a supportive community of like-minded women.

last, this daylong retreat asks us to consider what our growth edge is: what are the limits we place on our lives, and what guides us, and what holds us back? working together, working alone, and working on our deepest selves, through these practices, we come home to our purpose and leave with a greater sense of clarity in our own movement, our own decision-making.

through these practices, we become centered with ourselves, centered together as we create our own framework for living an expansive and authentic life.

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.  .  .  .  .

if you’ve ever felt the pull of curiosity to explore artmaking or establish a creative practice, this experience is for you.

if you’ve felt the urgency of reminding yourself of who you are and what makes you thrive, this is for you.

if you’ve felt curious about the practices of yoga, mindfulness, or meditation, this day is for you.

and if you’re curious to know how creativity, movement, and mindfulness connect, this time and space is for you.

when we move, make art, make time for stillness, and come home to ourselves, we can increase our capacity to know ourselves and our boundaries and speak clearly about our needs with ourselves and within our relationships to others; move forward with confidence and clarity in decision-making; and respond to life’s turbulence with intention.


if you’re ready for clarity, confidence, insight, and purpose, sign up to join the day.

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tickets include all materials and tools needed for creating handmade journals (2) and a collection of hand made, nature-inspired marbled papers. you’ll also receive a follow up resource lists with ways to continue learning and building these supportive connections beyond this retreat.

tickets also include coffee, tea, and snacks in the morning; a carefully prepared lunch, provided by local chefs; and drinks and light snacks at the end of the day.

questions about the event? interested in a run down of the day?
send me an email or schedule a call.

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centered together: a day long retreat
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