Hand Bound Books


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I specialize in small editions of custom books ranging from soft cover pamphlet stitched books to larger editions of hard cover, cloth or leather-bound projects, many of which include hand marbled end pages. Though bookbinding is, these days, quite an uncommon practice, bookbinding is the place where I find technique and meditation meet

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Books -- journals, sketchbooks, novels, etc -- can all be places of healing, idea generation, and reflecting. Many of the objects I create are blank sketchbooks and notebooks waiting for your ideas to fill the pages. 

You can find books, cards, and hand marbled papers for sale at: 

     B. Willow | 220 W 27th Street, Baltimore MD
     Bottle of Bread | 216 W Read Street, Baltimore MD


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One of my favorite parts of bookbinding is the ability to make one-of-a-kind objects based on your needs and ideas. Guest books, photo albums, poetry chapbooks, and other custom designs are some of my most favorite projects to create. 

Have an idea? I'd love to collaborate and make a book for you! Let's talk