The Weighty Wonder: Unveiling the Surprising Weight of Kamado Grills

The weight of a Kamado grill typically ranges from 100 to 500 pounds, depending on the model and size.

How heavy is a kamado grill?

Kamado grills are popular among barbecue enthusiasts for their versatility and superior heat retention capabilities. These traditional Japanese-style grills have gained prominence in recent years, combining a centuries-old cooking technique with modern design and features. One common question often asked about Kamado grills is their weight.

To answer the question, “How heavy is a Kamado grill?”, it is important to note that the weight of a Kamado grill can vary based on the model and size. Typically, the weight ranges from 100 to 500 pounds. The weight primarily depends on factors such as the thickness of the ceramic shell, the size of the grill, and the additional features it may have.

A famous quote from Jamie Purviance, an acclaimed grill master, adds an interesting perspective to the topic. He once stated, “A heavy grill means more heat retention, which enables more efficient cooking and adds smokiness and flavor to your food.”

Here are some fascinating facts about Kamado grills:

  1. Ancient Origins: Kamado-style cooking can be traced back over 3,000 years to ancient China. The concept of using a ceramic vessel for cooking and heat retention has stood the test of time.

  2. Egg-Shaped Design: One unique feature of Kamado grills is their distinctive egg-shaped design. This shape promotes better heat circulation and distribution, resulting in even cooking temperatures.

  3. Superior Heat Retention: Due to the thick ceramic walls, Kamado grills provide excellent heat retention. They can maintain temperatures from low and slow smoking to high-temperature searing, making them incredibly versatile for various cooking methods.

  4. Efficient Fuel Consumption: Kamado grills are known for their fuel efficiency. The ceramic construction ensures that the heat remains inside, requiring less charcoal or wood for cooking compared to other grill types.

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To provide a comprehensive view, here is a table showcasing the weight range of various Kamado grill sizes:

Kamado Grill Size Weight Range (in pounds)
Small 100-150
Medium 150-250
Large 250-350
Extra-Large 350-500

In conclusion, the weight of a Kamado grill can vary significantly depending on the model and size chosen. Understanding the weight range of Kamado grills allows barbecue enthusiasts to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and cooking preferences. So, whether you’re a grilling novice or an experienced pitmaster, exploring the world of Kamado grills can be an exciting journey filled with delicious results and unforgettable culinary experiences.

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Tailgating Party

Product Dimensions ‎18 x 18.11 x 48 inches
Material ‎Stainless Steel, Ceramic
Item Weight 188 Pounds
Model Name ‎Classic Joe I
Frame Material ‎Stainless Steel

371 pounds

For comparison, while the standard Weber kettle grill is 22 inches and weighs 32 pounds, a 24-inch Kamado Joe weighs 371 pounds and a 24-inch Big Green Egg weighs 219 pounds. The beauty of a kamado grill is its ability to maintain temperature so simply.

The Kamado Joe grills are heavier than your average grill because they are made of a ceramic material that withstands tremendously high temperatures, retains heat very well, and is about 1 inch in thickness. Because of this, these ceramic grills range in weight from 68 pounds on the lightest to 487 pounds on the heaviest.

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In this YouTube video, the YouTuber compares five popular XL-sized kamado grills to determine the best option. They evaluate factors such as assembly, accessories, size, materials, cooking capacity, temperature ranges, lid lifting ease, warranties, mobility, wood placement, thermometers, cooking tests, ease of cleaning, and price. The Vision grill is declared the winner due to its easy assembly, included accessories, and overall ceramic thickness. However, the video emphasizes that individual preferences and needs should be considered when choosing a kamado grill, as each brand has its own strengths.

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How much does a kamado weigh?
Big Green Egg VS Kamado Joe – Which Kamado is best?

Kamado Joe Classic II Big Green Egg Large
Cooking area 256 sq. in 262 sq in
Cooking levels 1 2 to 3
Weight 162 lbs 232 lbs
Hinge Air hinge Spring-loaded

How much does a Kamado Joe grill weigh?
Response: Height: 48.5 in. Depth: 30.12 in. 2. Grill Weight: 200.2 lbs.
How much does a kamado classic weigh?
With Both Grates & Grills Expander: 660 sq. in. Weight: 188 lbs.
How much does an empty Kamado Joe weigh?
Specs & Warranty

Class Premium
Width 46.5"
Depth 30.1"
Height 48"
Weight 210 lbs

How much does a kamado Grill cost?
In reply to that: Before cooking on dozens of different gas, charcoal, and portable models, I might have told you that an expensive kamado grill isn’t worth its hefty price tag. After all, most charcoal grills cost less than $250, and our favorite gas grill will set you back around $600. So why in the world should you pay $700 and up for a kamado grill?
How much does a kamado weigh?
Answer: It weighs more than 375 pounds! The Kamado Joe Jr. is one of the brand’s portable models, though at 70 pounds it isn’t what would typically be considered lightweight. But if you want a small kamado with many of the same features as the brand’s larger grills, this one won’t disappoint.
How long does a kamado Grill take to cook?
After 10 to 15 minutes, the coals around the cube will be red-hot and ready to go. Spread out the coals and close the lid. From here on out, you can use the vents to control the heat. The vents on a kamado grill allow you to regulate the amount of airflow inside the unit.
How heavy is a kamado Joe Grill?
Response to this: When asking how heavy is a Kamado Joe grill, we can see that it depends on exactly what model you get. The Joe Jr, which is the smallest model, weighs a humble 68 lbs., while the heaviest, the Big Joe III, clocks in at a mammoth 487 lbs.
Which kamado Grill is best?
Answer will be: The possibilities are endless! The Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe are the most popular kamado grills. Although the Big Green Egg is the most popular type of kamado grill (and our favorite during testing), it’s by no means the only option. In looking at kamado grill reviews, there’s a lot of debate between Kamado Joe vs. Big Green Egg.
How much does a kamado weigh?
Answer: It weighs more than 375 pounds! The Kamado Joe Jr. is one of the brand’s portable models, though at 70 pounds it isn’t what would typically be considered lightweight. But if you want a small kamado with many of the same features as the brand’s larger grills, this one won’t disappoint.
How many burgers can a kamado Grill hold?
Answer will be: Kamado grills range widely in size, so it might be simpler to think of what you need in terms of how many burgers a given grill can hold. A Kamado Joe Junior (148-square-inches) can fit a half-dozen burgers.

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