Photo by Susie Martinez, 2018.

Kelly Odette Laughlin (she/her) is an artist, yoga and meditation instructor, and creative facilitator from Baltimore, Maryland.

Kelly creates programs, experiences, and paper goods combining art with mindful practices in order to empower womxn, beginners, and communities to access their innate creativity and wisdom in order to move with clarity and confidence in their lives.

Combining the practices of paper marbling, bookbinding, writing, movement, and mindfulness, Kelly facilitates paper marbling, meditation, and bookbinding classes both nationally and internationally that serve as foundations for conversation, connecting to self, and connecting to creative practices. She also leads Centered Together retreats, combining yoga, meditation, paper marbling, bookbinding, and reflecting, into nature-based experiences as brave spaces for connecting to ourselves.

Kelly is also the founder of Odette Press, a small batch book bindery and paper marbling studio that produces lovingly-crafted journals and cards that reflect meditation within landscapes, and serve as spaces for healing, reflection, and restoration.

Inspired by observation, travel, and presence with earth and landscapes, Kelly works to empower creativity in the world through the combination of art making with with mindfulness practices. She believes that within each and every person there is inherent creative potential and that through a dedication to daily movement, mindfulness, making, and reflection, everyone can learn to access their own innate creativity.

Through her work, Kelly explores mapping inner and outer landscapes, using paper marbling, painting, writing, and bookbinding as primary vehicles for these themes.

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